Process for approval of hand carried cash

Posted on 22/03/2017

To facilitate the smooth operation for clearance of the procedures for declaration of cash or negotiable instruments

We wish to advise the general public that given our efforts to tighten our controls at the international airports at Faleolo and Fagalii in relation to the hand-carrying of cash, foreign currencies and negotiable instruments equivalent to SAT$20,000 or more should obtain approval from the Central Bank of Samoa before hand-carrying it when you depart for overseas countries.

Once approval is obtained from the Central Bank of Samoa, you would then need to take this approval with you at the border and present it with relevant personnel (Samoa Airport Authority Officers or Customs or Immigration) and also declare it on the departure form.

If you are a departing passenger and would like to obtain CBS approval, here are the following (minimum) documents or information you would need to submit in order to ensure a timely clearance process:

Provide your passport;
Travel Ticket;
Information on source of funds (which would include bank statements or any other documents to verify the source of funds);
And any other information or document that CBS requires.

If you are a passenger arriving into Samoa through the Fagalii or Faleolo International Airports, you would also need to declare it if you are hand-carrying cash, foreign currencies or negotiable instruments equivalent to SAT$20,000.

Should you fail to adhere to these declaration procedures, you may face the risk of confiscation of your cash, foreign currencies or negotiable instruments or criminal prosecutions. A criminal offence may attract either a fine or imprisonment term, or both.

Should you require any further information, please contact our Manager Legal and Financial Intelligence Unit at telephone number 34-120.