Our Logo


The combination of shapes in this logo can be interpreted as:

  • shape of a Samoan fan (ili), reference to the Samoan culture and heritage. Shapes which“ili” is divided into - triangles, diamond and fish - come from traditional elei and tatau. Also it refers to the weaving of ietoga, “which represent most of the traditionalwealth of Sāmoan families.”
  • rays of sun, representing “excellence in ensuring monetary and financial system stability”, progress and bright future of Samoa in general;
  • pointing upwards shape, depicts leadership role of CBS;
  • shape of a shield, refers to the roles of CBS as a regulator and supervisor of banking business etc;
  • leaf of a plant, symbol of growth and sustainable development.

Burnt Orange color represents vibrant Samoa and it’s bright future.

Last Updated: 7 Jul 2021