Central Bank Organizational Chart & Management

The re-alignment of functional areas of the Bank in 2012 has resulted in major and significant changes in terms of enhancing its services. The three main functional areas or groups are each headed by the Assistant Governors who report directly to the Governor. These functional groups are Monetary Stability, Financial Soundness and Corporate Services. The Internal Auditor reports functionally to the Board Audit Committee and administratively to the Governor.

The aim of this re-structure is to better achieve the goals and responsibilities of the Bank and to provide a sharper focus of the key objectives, strategic planning and budgeting.  Clear lines of responsibility, delegation and authority have been enhanced so that Management and staff can perform their work effectively and assume responsibility efficiently.


Board of Directors

  1. Maiava Atalina Ainuu Enari: Chairperson
  2. Tuala Falani Chan Tung: Member
  3. Matai’a Alofipo Tanielu Meredith: Member
  4. Tuala Pat Leota: Member
  5. Gilbert Wongsin: Executive Member
  6. Benjamin Pereira: Executive Member
  7. Gafatasi Patu: Board Secretary

Audit Committee

  1. Tuala Pat Leota: Chairperson
  2. Matai’a Alofipo Meredith: Member
  3. Tuala Falani Chan Tung: Member

Office of the Governor

  1. Maiava Atalina Ainuu Enari: Governor
  2. Taumuli Saena Papalii: Personal Assistant

Monetary Stability Group (“MSG”)

  1. Benjamin Pereira: Assistant Governor
  2. Karras Lui: Manager - Economics
  3. Margaret Tafuna’i: Manager - Financial Markets
  4. Aiulu Tolovaa: Assistant Manager
  5. Capricorn Tooala: Assistant Manager - Domestic Markets
  6. Jeremaia Fau: Assistant Manager - International Markets

Areas of Responsibility of MSG

(a) Economic Analysis
(b) Real Sector
(c) Balance of Payments
(d) Policy and forecasting
(e) Economic Research
(f) Statistics
(g) International Agencies
(h) Library
(i) International Markets
(j) Exchange Rates
(k) Foreign Exchange dealings
(l) Market Monitoring
(m) Foreign Reserve Management
(n) Overseas economies
(o) Exchange Control
(p) Open Market Operations
(q) Registry of Securities
(r) Bank liquidity
(s) Contact point with MOF

Financial Soundness Group (“FSG”)

  1. Benjamin Pereira: Assistant Governor
  2. Tapuosina Asalele: Manager - Supervision
  3. Lanna Lome - Ieremia: Manager - Financial Systems Development
  4. Alofaifo Seleni: Assistant Manager - Supervision
  5. Siavata Nofoaiga: Assistant Manager - Supervision

Areas of Responsibility of FSG

(a) Financial system supervision (inclusive of the Development Bank of Samoa, Samoa National Provident Fund, and the Unit Trust of Samoa)
(b) Licensing and examination of financial institutions (commercial banks, money transfer operators)
(c) Insurance Companies, brokers and agents
(d) Development and monitoring of financial system
(e) Microfinance
(f) Financial Inclusion
(g) Financial literacy
(h) Policy Advice
(i) Compliance with Money Laundering requirements
(j) Money Laundering prevention

Corporate Services Group ("CSG")

  1. Gilbert Wongsin: Assistant Governor
  2. Jane Aoina: Manager - Human Resources
  3. Peniamina Tauati: Manager - Accounts and Budget
  4. Lealaitagomoa I’amafana Akerei: Manager - Property and IT
  5. Lea Collins: Manager - Banking and Currency
  6. Leoi Manu Hill: Assistant Manager - Accounts and Budget
  7. Tu’utatau Mika Leo: Assistant Manager - Banking and Currency
  8. Muriel Schuster: Assistant Manager - Human Resources
  9. Faanuualii Isara: Assistant Manager - Property and IT
  10. Chris Meredith: Assistant Manager - Property and IT

Areas of Responsibility of CSG

(a) Property Management
(b) Support Purchasing
(c) Security, Transport control, IT infrastructure: systems and development(s)
(d) Tenants
(e) Financial Accounts and Policy
(f) Payments and receipts
(g) Department budget performance and monitoring
(h) Expenditure and Reporting
(i)  Banking and currency services
(j)  Numismatics
(k) Inter-bank settlements (SWIFT)
(l)  Payments Systems
(m) Export Finance
(n)  Human Resource Management and Training
(o)  Payroll Services
(p)  Records Management and Library Services


(1) Sioa Sioa - Manager

(2) Dominic Talouli - Assistant Manager

Areas of Responsibility of Legal/FIU

(a) Legal Advise
(b) Review and drafting of relevant laws and policies
(c) Drafting of Contracts

Independent Personnel

Internal Auditor 

(1) Erema Chan Poe - Manager

Area of Responsibility – Management and operational audits


CBS Structure

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Last Updated: 20 Sep 2022