CBS Invites Feedback to “Sustainable Finance” Online Survey

Posted on 20/02/2020

This is the second press release that the CBS has issued since last year regarding sustainable finance.  Sustainable finance simply means the provision of any financial service or product for investment purposes that takes into account the impacts of that investment on our environment, social and governance structures. The rationale is to avoid financing projects that would damage our environment, or would have any negative impact on our social or governance structures.

Since September 2019, CBS has been in consultation with the four commercial banks (ANZ, BSP, NBS and SCB), and most recently, with insurance companies and non-bank financial institutions (DBS and SNPF), as part of our efforts to promote sustainable finance in Sāmoa.   All these entities are categorized as “financial institutions”. The initial feedback from these financial institutions indicate a general support for the provision of sustainable finance.

In order to complete our assessment on the appropriate adoption and application of sustainable financing in Samoa, the comments from the general public (especially the potential or actual borrowers residing in Samoa) on this subject will be greatly appreciated.

It is to this effect that the Central Bank invites the general public to take part in this initial consultative process by providing their feedback to a questionnaire that will be made available on the CBS website ( starting Friday, 21 February 2020. 

Your valuable feedback will contribute to the determination of the design of appropriate policies for sustainable financing in Samoa.

This questionnaire will be on the CBS website for 1 month, closing at 12pm on 20 March 2020. 

Aside from the questionnaire, the public may also provide any related comments on or about the availability of sustainable finance in Sāmoa by emailing: