Questionnaire on Sustainable Finance in Samoa

Posted on 01/05/2020

Global actions towards climate change and environmental challenges have included a more active role taken by central banks and the financial sector to promote the move towards a sustainable world economy.

The Central Bank of Sāmoa recognizes the critical role that financial institutions play in the economic development of Sāmoa and subsequently, for a sustainable Samoan economy.  To progress this initiative forward, we seek your valuable feedback on how we can coordinate and collaborate in promoting the availability of sustainable finance in our small island developing country.

We have prepared a set of questions to gauge the level of demand for sustainable finance by potential borrowers in the country.  This online questionnaire is open to members of the public currently residing in Sāmoa.  Please select one of the following:

 Do you see the need for Sustainable Finance in Sāmoa?



This questionnaire will close at 12pm on Friday, 20 March 2020