Re-design of CBS Offsite Building

The Central Bank of Samoa (“CBS”) invites proposals from interested Tenderers for the re-design of the CBS Offsite Building.

The Request for Proposal Documentations (“RFP”) are to be uplifted from our Manager Properties, Afioga Lealaitagomoa I’amafana Akerei at Level 1, CBS Building.  A cost recovery fee for printing costs is to be paid when uplifting the RFP documentation.

Tenders will close on Friday 20 November 2020 at 12.00pm, and the tender opening will be held promptly thereafter at level 6, Central Bank of Samoa Building.  Tenderers are invited to attend should they wish to do so.

All tenders are to be marked “CONFIDENTIAL – RFP FOR THE  RE-DESIGN OF CBS OFFSITE BUILDING” and are to be submitted at Level 1, CBS Building and placed in the tender box, and should be addressed to (also refer to RFP for further submission details on technical and financial proposals)[1]:

The Governor
Central Bank of Samoa
Private Mail Bag

[Central Bank of Samoa reserves the right to accept or reject any tender submitted at its discretion].

[1]This is in addition to the marking of envelope requirements in the RFP