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The Central Bank of Samoa is the nation's reserve bank and, as such, it acts as a bank to the Government and the commercial banks.

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What's New

Unlicensed Foreign Exchange Dealers

The Central Bank of Samoa (“CBS”) has noted that there are various retail shops and businesses operating foreign currency exchanges without licenses.  Some of these businesses have openly displayed their foreign exchange rates at their business premises on a daily basis.  We wish to remind these businesses that these unfortunate practices are in breach of our Exchange Control Regulations 1999.

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Beware of ATM Card Skimmers and Skimming Devices

 We wish to remind the public and the bank customers to be extra diligent when using ATM machines.  At times, there may be certain devices on the ATM machine that have been installed by a professional fraudster in order to read your ATM card details. These skimming devices are installed into the ATM machine in the slot area where you insert your ATM card into. 

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