AML Supervision

The Money Laundering Prevention Authority

The Governor of the Central Bank of Samoa is the Money Laundering Prevention Authority (the “Authority”) appointed under section 4(2) of the MLPA to implement and regulate the provisions of the Act.

Money Laundering Prevention Task Force

The Task Force is the advisory body to the Money Laundering Prevention Authority and is established under section 5 of the MLPA.
Its objectives include:

  • Close liaison between Government agencies, departments and the FIU;
  • Making recommendations to the Authority in respect of issues relating to money laundering or the financing of terrorism.

Members of the Task Force include:

  1. The Governor as the Chairperson
  2. The Attorney-General
  3. The Commissioner of Police
  4. The CEO of the Samoa International Finance Authority (SIFA)
  5. The Head of the Customs Department
  6. The Head of the Immigration Department
  7. The Director of the FIU
  8. The CEO of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Labour (MCIL)
  9. The CEO of the Ministry of Finance (MOF); and
  10. Such other persons as may be appointed by the Minister of Finance, acting on the advice of the MLP Authority

Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU)

The FIU is part of the Central Bank.


Last Updated: 18 Jul 2021