Welcome to the Central Bank of Samoa

The Central Bank of Samoa is the nation's reserve bank and, as such, it acts as a bank to the Government and the commercial banks.

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What's New

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology

The Central Bank of Samoa (“Central Bank”) wishes to warn the public that any cryptocurrencies (i.e. virtual currencies or digital money such as bitcoin, Onecoin, ethereum, EOS, Lite Coin and others) are not currencies issued or regulated by the Central Bank.

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Further Relaxation of Exchange Control Policies

Following the Annual Review of Exchange Control Policies, the Central Bank of Samoa (CBS) wishes to advise of further relaxation in exchange controls effective from 1st August 2018.  The changes include new and increased delegations of authority to the commercial banks and money transfer operators. The easing of exchange controls is consistent with current economic conditions and the positive outlook for Samoa’s economy and foreign reserves. 

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